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Paul Briggs interview

Here it is, The Disney Elite’s FOURTH original interview, and what an interview it is! We’ve got the wonderful PAUL BRIGGS, Head of Story on Disney’s Frozen and Big Hero 6.

Yes, you read that right: Head of Story on both Frozen AND Big Hero 6.

Talk about an over-achiever!

Confession: I’ve been quietly pursuing this interview for quite some time. My first emails with Paul happened back in early November, and we’ve been trying to lock it down ever since. Paul told me the interview was going to happen and I totally believed him, but I was afraid to announce it here for fear that I might jinx it. Then, last week, completely out of the blue, it happened. A nice, long email full of answers, anecdotes, photos and illustrations arrived in my inbox. I was at work at the library, so I couldn’t dance around screaming an impromptu song of joy like I wanted to. (That had to wait ‘til the car ride ride home.) Still, I was DELIGHTED. I am STILL delighted. I’m also super excited to share it with you, so without any further ado…

Part 1: The Early Years


Part 2: Working at Disney



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