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DIX — that's the Disney Index Project. Its goal is to collect and index sources from and about the history of the Disney company. It contains references to and excerpts from documents, articles, lectures, interviews etc.

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Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual (2023-12-29)
Lucas O. Seastrom, Tom Klein, Didier Ghez, Nathan Eick
Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual
Didier Ghez, Lucas O. Seastrom, Tom Klein, Nathan Eick, Wolfgang Reitherman, Hans Christian Anderson, Edgar Bergen, Pete Seanoa

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Misc documents (1964)
The Moon-Spinners
Buena Vista Distribution Pressbook, 1964
Hayley Mills

Walt's People

Authoritative but accessible, the Walt's People series is the world's best-known, most widely used multi-volume resource about Disney history.

We are proud to be able to provide the first complete and public list of all interviews and articles contained in the great book series Walt's People.

Our newest feature is a full-text search in the contents of all published volumes of Walt's People.


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