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5866 PC Magazine
Text (Magazine), Feature
Building Big Hero 6
The technology and the talent behind it are what make Disney’s latest animated movie its most complex ever.
Author: Sophia Stuart
R: 2014-11
I: 2021-02-26
5738 Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy
#138, 00:47:36
Text (Podcast), Interview
Chris Williams
Chris Williams
R: 2014-12-08
I: 2021-01-19
5737 WIRED
Text (Magazine), Feature
Big Hero 6 Proves It
Pixar's Gurus Have Brought the Magic Back to Disney Animation
Author: Caitlin Roper
John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, Ron Miller, Chris Buck, Amy Wallace, Paul Felix, Chris Williams, Roy Conli, Jennifer Lee
R: 2014-10-21
I: 2021-01-18
5555 Mousetalgia!
#632, 00:59:39
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Inside the Walt Disney Animation Studios Story Department with Paul Briggs
Paul Briggs
R: 2020-11-29
I: 2020-11-30
5422 Dizney Coast to Coast
#763, 01:06:36
Text (Podcast), Feature
An Animator's Journey With Matthew Schiavone
Garner Holt, John Lasseter, Andreas Deja, Ward Kimball, Tom Hanks, Eric Goldberg, James Baxter, Frank Thomas, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rich Moore, Tim Burton, Don Bluth, Dan Lund, Dale Bear
R: 2020-09-09
I: 2020-09-10
5331 Disney For Scores
#14, 00:24:46
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Henry Jackman
Part 2
Author: John Burlingame
John Burlingame, Henry Jackman
R: 2020-04-29
I: 2020-07-25
5240 The Disney Elite
Text (Website), Interview
Paul Briggs interview
John Lasseter, Marc Davis, Ron Clements, John Musker, Frank Thomas, Mark Henn, Ollie Johnston, Paul Briggs, Chris Buck, Chris Williams, Jennifer Lee
R: 2017, 2017
I: 2020-06-28
1108 EndorExpress
Text (Website), Interview
Big Hero 6 – Scott Adsit
Author: David Yeh
Scott Adsit
R: 2015-02-23
I: 2015-02-26
876 The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast
#11, 01:04:09
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Billion Dollar Stories: The Paul Briggs interview
Paul Briggs
R: 2015-01-16
I: 2015-01-19
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