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7160 Walt's People
#27 C 6, 7pp
Text (Book Series), Interview
Eyvind Earle
Author: Anne Papineau
Eyvind Earle
R: 2023-03-23
S: 1993
I: 2023-03-26
5850 Computer Graphics World
Text (Magazine), Feature
A Bedtime Story
Author: Karen Moltenbrey
Eyvind Earle, Brittney Lee, Jennifer Lee, Joseph Trapanese
R: 2020-12-07
I: 2021-02-23
5716 Los Angeles Times
Text (Magazine), Feature
A brighter Sleeping Beauty';s Castle is just one way
Kim Irvine keeps the magic in Disneyland
Author: Todd Martens
Marty Sklar, Rolly Crump, Marc Davis, Mary Blair, Blaine Gibson, Kim Irvine, John Hench, Herb Ryman, Eyvind Earle
R: 2019-05-16
I: 2021-01-08
5161 Didier Ghez
Text (Website), Interview
Interview with Tony Baxter
Author: Didier Ghez
Tony Baxter, Marty Sklar, Diane Disney Miller, Claude Coats, Marc Davis, Steve Kirk, Eddie Sotto, Didier Ghez, Ken Anderson, Walter Elias Disney, Frank Armitage, Francis Xavier Atencio, Ron Miller, Jeff Burke, Dick Nunis, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Robin Williams, Eyvind Earle, Chris Tietz, George Lucas, Peter Schneider, Joe Lanzisero, Frank Wells
R: 2006-03-31
S: 1995
I: 2020-05-24
4866 Computer Graphics World
#42.2, 7pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Frozen in Time No More
Disney animators take Elsa and Anna on another historic adventure
Author: Karen Moltenbrey
Eyvind Earle, Chris Buck, Peter Del Vecho, Jennifer Lee, Bill Schwab, Erin Ramos, Svetla Radivoeva, Lisa Keene, David Womersley, Sean Jenkins, David Suroveic
R: 2019; Winter
I: 2020-04-20
4760 CineMagic by Starlog
#7.2 (32), 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Sleeping Beauty
Disney re-releases the classic animated fairy tale
Author: David Hutchison
Wolfgang Reitherman, George Bruns, Eyvind Earle, Mary Costa, David Hutchison
R: 1985, Winter
I: 2020-03-11
4730 Computer Graphics World
Text (Magazine), Feature
Frozen in Time No More
Author: Karen Moltenbrey
Eyvind Earle, Chris Buck
R: 2019, Winter
I: 2020-02-22
4679 Animato!
#22, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Designer of Worlds
An Interview with Stylist Walt Peregoy
Author: Bob Miller
Marc Davis, Mary Blair, Ward Kimball, Ken Anderson, Vladimir Tytla, Friz Freleng, Wolfgang Reitherman, William Bartlett Peet, Walt Peregoy, Donald W. Graham, Eyvind Earle, Bob Miller
R: 1992, Winter
I: 2020-02-05
4678 Animato!
#21, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Stepping into the Picture
An Interview with Maurice Noble
Author: Harry McCracken
Friz Freleng, Walter Elias Disney, Bill Melendez, Maurice Noble, Tyrus Wong, Eyvind Earle, Harry McCracken, Gustaf Tenggren
R: 1991, Spring
I: 2020-02-04
4490 Animated Views
Text (Website), Interview
A Conversation with Eric Goldberg
Author: Christian Ziebarth
Alice Davis, Andreas Deja, Mary Blair, Alan Menken, Tom Bancroft, Ward Kimball, Milt Kahl, John Musker, Eric Goldberg, John Hench, Ken Anderson, Frank Thomas, Eric Larson, Walter Elias Disney, Brad Bird, Les Clark, Joe Grant, Tom Sito, Richard Williams, Arthur Harold Babitsky, Richmond Kelsey, Howard Ashman, Wally Boag, Michael Eisner, Robin Williams, Eyvind Earle, Frank Marshall, Ben Simon, Christian Ziebarth, Mike Gabriel, Art Linkletter, Peter Schneider
R: 2005-12-19
S: 2005
I: 2019-11-26
4286 Mousetalgia!
#535, 01:25:40
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Canemaker on Sleeping Beauty
Marc Davis, John Canemaker, Eyvind Earle
R: 2019-01-20
I: 2019-05-08
2733 WDW Tiki Room
Audio (Podcast), Feature
D23 Expo Disney Legends Ceremony
Andreas Deja, Eyvind Earle, Danny Elfman, George Lucas, Susan Lucci, George Bodenheimer, Julie Reihm Casaletto, Johnny Depp
R: 2015-08-29
I: 2016-08-18
2725 Arts & Living California magazine
Text (Magazine), Feature
Indelible Impressions
A designer, painter and illustrator, Eyvind Earle was hand-picked by Walt Disney in the 1950s to create the backgrounds for Sleeping Beauty.
Eyvind Earle, Ron Dias
R: 2008, Winter
I: 2016-08-18
1597 Misc Websites
Video (Website), Interview
My Life - Eyvind Earle
A short autobiography
Eyvind Earle
R: 2001
I: 2015-07-15
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