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Frozen in Time No More
Disney animators take Elsa and Anna on another historic adventure
Karen Moltenbrey

Well, Disney just couldn’t “Let It Go.” The “It,” is the animated feature Frozen, which set off a flurry of devotion around the globe and broke all manner of historic box-office records following its 2013 debut. So, what would lead Walt Disney Animation Studios to venture “Into the Unknown” and risk making its first-ever musical sequel by revisiting this mega-successful film? The answer is simple. There was more story to be told.

One question that returning producer Peter Del Vecho was asked repeatedly following the original Frozen was, where did Elsa get her icy powers? Also, where were the sisters’ parents headed when their ship went down? And, is there really such a thing as “happily ever after?” As it turned out, returning directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee were wrestling with those questions as well. “We realized there was more story to tell. Frozen’s ending was really just the beginning for Anna and Elsa, newly reunited as sisters,” says Del Vecho. And thus, another journey began.

On November 22, Frozen 2 blew into theaters, as the beloved sisters Anna and Elsa, along with Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, leave Arendelle and journey deep within an autumnal forest in an enchanted land to uncover the source of Elsa’s powers in order to save their kingdom. But, there are some dangers that Elsa must face alone.

“Six years ago when Frozen was released, we could never have imagined how much that film would mean to people of all ages. How it would resonate with audiences around the world. We’ve never for one moment taken that for granted,” says Del Vecho. “And that’s how we approached Frozen 2. At Disney Animation, we never make sequels unless the filmmakers themselves have an idea for a film and a desire to tell it. That’s why even though Frozen 2 is our 58th animated feature, it is only our fourth sequel, and the first animated musical sequel that we have made, at that.”



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