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A Bedtime Story
Karen Moltenbrey

Before children close their eyes and drift off to dreamland, parents will regale them with bedtime stories of fantastical characters from wondrous worlds. Disney's third VR film, "Myth: A Frozen Tale," uses this ritual to kick off a fairy tale like no other, taking viewers on a visceral journey and immersing them in a stylized world inspired by the environments and elemental characters from Frozen 2.

"Myth" begins in a forest setting outside of Arendelle, as a local family sits down to hear a bedtime story. As the mother reads, the audience is transported to a mystical and stylized world inspired by the elemental spirits, themes, and environments introduced in Frozen 2 come to life, and the myths of the characters' past and future are revealed.

The VR short was created in-house at Walt Disney Animation Studios by the core team who built Disney's first VR film, "Cycles." "Myth" was directed by Jeff Gipson, who also directed "Cycles" (2018). Jose Luis Gomez Diaz, who also worked on "Cycles," served as VR technology supervisor on "Myth," with Michael Anderson as VR environment lead and Ed Robbins as VR character lead. Brittney Lee, a key visual development artist on Frozen and Frozen 2, was the production designer. In fact, the same artists, technologists, and teams that work on the studio's feature films work on all the VR/AR projects, too.



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