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7119 Computer
#42.7, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Melting The Boundaries Between Fantasy And Reality
Technology goes beyond visual effects to produce alternative realities for immersive entertainment experiences.
Author: Scott Trowbridge, Christopher Stapleton
Scott Trowbridge, Walter Elias Disney, Doug Trumbull, George Lucas
R: 2009-07
I: 2022-10-24
6700 Fantasy Empire
#13.1984, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Making Of Oz
Disney, Lucas, Spielberg and Coppola
Author: Wendy Graham
George Lucas, Jim Henson, Walter Murch, Gary Kurtz, Fairuza Balk
R: 1984-09
I: 2022-03-22
6648 Dynamite
#68, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Inside The Black Hole
Author: Margaret Ronan
Peter Ellenshaw, Yvette Mimieux, Gary Nelson
R: 1979-10
I: 2022-01-26
6629 Stereo World
#22.1, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney 3-D Shrinks Audience
Author: Don Marren
Rick Rothschild, Tom Fitzgerald, Michael Eisner, Dean Cundey, George Lucas, Jim Henson, Randal Kleiser
R: 1995-03/04
I: 2022-01-16
6628 Stereo World
#18.2, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Muppet/Disney 3-D Spoof Opens in Florida
Paul Osterhout, Jim Henson
R: 1991-05/06
I: 2022-01-16
6627 Stereo World
#13.5, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Captain EO
A $pectacular 3-D Film
Author: Susan Pinsky, Bill Shepard, David Starkman
George Lucas
R: 1986-11/12
I: 2022-01-16
6214 Advertising Requirements
#4.3, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
New Visual Aids Draw Visitors To Exhibits At Disneyland
Willy Ley
R: 1956-03
I: 2021-07-23
5793 Cartoonist PROfiles
#82, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
A Disney Animation Studio in Florida!
Author: Jud Hurn
Walter Elias Disney, Robin Williams, Max Howard, Don Bluth, Charles Mintz, Jud Hurd
R: 1989-06
I: 2021-02-02
5790 Cartoonist PROfiles
#40, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Bill Tytla - superb artistic talent
Author: Grim Natwick
Vladimir Tytla, Grim Natwick
R: 1978-12
I: 2021-02-02
5788 Cartoonist PROfiles
#53, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney Animations and Animators
Whitney Museum of American Art June 24-September 6,1981
Author: John Canemaker
Ward Kimball, Milt Kahl, John Canemaker, Vladimir Tytla, Frank Thomas, Walter Elias Disney, Grim Natwick, John Hubley, Ub Iwerks, Ollie Johnston, Preston Blair, Arthur Harold Babitsky, Dick Lundy, Fred Moore, Norm Ferguson
R: 1982-03
I: 2021-02-02
5699 321 CONTACT
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Black Hole
Special Effects Steal the Show
Author: Carol Mithers
R: 1980-02
I: 2021-01-05
5568 3D World
#172, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Interview
Dancing in the rain
A special look at Pixars new animated short
Author: Kulsoom Middleton
Ross Stevenson, Chris Burrows
R: 2013-09
I: 2020-12-02
5510 Animated Views
Text (Website), Feature
The Black Cauldron: Producer Joe Hale talks munchings and crunchings…
Author: Jérémie Noyer
Ward Kimball, Roy E. Disney, Don Griffith, Joe Hale, Ollie Johnston, Ron Miller, Art Stevens, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tim Burton, Don Bluth, Lloyd Alexander
R: 2010-09-17
I: 2020-11-03
5482 Engineering News-Record
#209.9, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Construction gets touch of Disney magic
$1-billion EPCOT Center opens Oct. 1
R: 1982-08-26
I: 2020-10-21
5418 Cinefantastique
#15.3, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Return To OZ
He followed the Yellow Brick Road to his directing debut, but it proved to be a bumpy path for Walter Murch
Author: Alan Jones
George Lucas, Walter Murch, Gary Kurtz, Thomas L. Wilhite
R: 1985-07
I: 2020-09-10
5415 Cinefantastique
#15.4, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Baby - Secret of the Lost Legend
The trials and tribulations of filming mechanical dinosaur effects on location in Africas lvory Coast
Author: Mike Mayo
Isidoro Raponi, Bill Norton
R: 1985-10
I: 2020-09-10
5414 Cinefantastique
#12.5,6, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Director Jack Clayton wont "Disneyize" Bradburys horror classic
Author: Stephen Rebello
Ray Bradbury, Jack Clayton
R: 1982-07,08
I: 2020-09-09
5280 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
Who Was Ub Iwerks?
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Roy E. Disney, Dave Smith, Walter Elias Disney, Grim Natwick, Les Clark, Ub Iwerks, Ben Sharpsteen, Carl Stalling, Don Iwerks, Roy O. Disney, Leslie Iwerks, Elias Disney, Shamus Culhane
R: 2020-07-01
I: 2020-07-01
5275 D23
Text (Youtube Channel), Feature
Marc Davis in His Own Words
D23 Expo Highlights
Rolly Crump, Alice Davis, Marc Davis, Mary Blair, Chris Merritt, Blaine Gibson, Ken Anderson, Walter Elias Disney, Harriet Burns, Dick Irvine, Bill Justice, Wathel Rogers, Pete Docter, Daniel Joseph, Ed Kemmer
R: 2020-06-29
I: 2020-07-01
5221 Disney Family Album
#9, 00:27:55
Text, Feature
The Ellenshaw's Peter and Harrison
Peter Ellenshaw, Harrison Ellenshaw
R: 1985-02-09
I: 2020-06-27
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