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Inside The Black Hole
Margaret Ronan

Picture yourself in a spaceship, just cruising along the Milky Way. Suddenly, along comes this great big enormous Nothing! You can't see anything but you can feel it's there, as it tugs and pulls at your spaceship. That's the idea behind the new Walt Disney movie, The Black Hole. How did a big Nothing turn into a 17-million-dollar something? Dynamite went to Hollywood to find out!

THE BLACK HOLE, KEEP OUT! The Black Hole was so secret that even the actors didn't know how it ended until the last day of shooting. When we arrived at the Disney Studios we were greeted by a big a sign that said: KEEP OUT! POSITIVELY NO VISITORS! THE BLACK HOLE.

Luckily, our friends at Disney looked the other way when we sneaked past the sign, and they let us in on some of the behind-the-scenes secrets. The first thing we saw were dozens of look-alike robots. In the movie, there's only one chief robot character named Vincent. But a separate robot had be made for each of Vincent's actions and expressions. So all the robots we saw were Vincent!




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