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Bill Tytla - superb artistic talent
Grim Natwick

How does one start to write about a superb artistic talent? Does it matter where he was born, or when, or who his parents were?

These questions are like strangers ringing my doorbell at midnight and asking, "Where were you in the summer of 1934?"

Well, where was I? I spent much of my time in a small room of the Walt Disney Hyperion Street animation studio. I was an animator. The room next to me was occupied by a young artist from New York named William Vladimir Tytla. He was being assisted by a talented young artist named Bill Shull. My assistant was an equally talented artist, Jack Campbell.

Bill Vladimir Tytla was put together like a Maine coast fisherman's house, — broad, squat, comfortable. He had a shock of black hair, heavy eyebrows and long black mustachios that hung like two curved sabers from large nostrils. Yes, Bill wore a grand picture -mustache twenty years before hirsute adornment replaced music with the pop singers.



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