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The Black Hole
Special Effects Steal the Show
Carol Mithers

It's called science fiction, but it looks like magic. On the movie screen, a robot attacks Dr. Durant, Its hands are made of whirling metal blades. Durant falls against the instrument panel in his spaceship. Suddenly his body is covered with flashing lines of blue electricity.

The movie is called The Black Hole. It's the story of the spaceship Palomino, whose crew discovers another ship called the Cygnus. The Cygnus has been missing for 20 years. It is trapped on the edge of a black hole.

Black holes are mysteries, even to scientists. Astronomers think that they exist, but know very little about them. Making a movie about something that is so mysterious takes a lot of imagination. That's why some of the biggest stars of the movie are people you never see. They are the special effects experts. It was their job to make the spectacular scenes in the movie.



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