# Source Title People Date
6305 Misc Books
C 16, 21pp
Text (Book), Feature
Mickey Mouse Presents Walt Disney
Author: Walt Disney
Walter Elias Disney
R: 1937
I: 2021-09-14
6304 Business Screen Magazine
#1.1, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
This Animating Business
Walter Elias Disney, Walter Lantz, Frank Churchill
R: 1938-05
I: 2021-09-14
6302 Holiday Magazine
#14.2, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
When Disney Is In Flower
Author: Al Hine
Perce Pearce, Richard Todd, Glynis Johns, James Robertson Justice
R: 1953-08
I: 2021-09-12
6265 McCall's Magazine
#68.5, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
[Fantasia review]
Author: Pare Lorentz
Walter Elias Disney, Leopold Stokowski, Deems Taylor
R: 1941-02
I: 2021-08-19
6215 National Safety News
#71.2, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Jules Verne Wasn't Dreaming
Problems of production and risks to the crew were great but Disney technicians overcame them to bring a scientific thriller to the screen
Harper Goff, Richard Fleischer
R: 1955-02
I: 2021-07-23
6205 DuPont Magazine
#29.1-2, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Behind the Scenes with Mickey Mouse
How the fascinating antics of cartoon characters are brought to the screen and synchronized with sound
Author: R. T. Ellis
Walter Elias Disney
R: 1935-01-29
I: 2021-07-22
6180 The Skin Diver
#4.2, 3pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Author: Richard Crosby
R: 1955-02
I: 2021-07-17
5905 Collier's Weekly
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney's New One
R: 1953-07-11
I: 2021-03-05
5902 Time Magazine
#22.13, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Piglets' Tune
Walter Elias Disney, Frank Churchill
R: 1933-09-25
I: 2021-03-05
5853 The Family Circle
#1.1, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
A Disney Film For The Whole Family
R: 1955-11
I: 2021-02-23
5516 Cosmopolitan
#148.5, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Swiss Family in Disney's Zoo
Author: Jon Whitcomb
Fess Parker, Tommy Kirk, Frederick Martin MacMurray, Hayley Mills, John Mills, James MacArthur, Janet Munro, Dorothy MeGuire, Kevin Corcoran
R: 1960-05
I: 2020-11-08
5498 Radio Guide
#7.12, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Listeners To Hear Mickey Mouse And All His Gang In Air Debut Over NBC-Sunday
Author: Walt Disney
Walter Elias Disney
R: 1938-01-08
I: 2020-10-29
5409 The Walt Disney Family Museum
Text (Website), Feature
Behind the True-Life Cameras
Author: Jim Korkis
Don Hahn, Jim Korkis, Walter Elias Disney, James Algar, Winston Hibler, Ben Sharpsteen, Jack Couffer, Paul Kenworthy, Elma Milotte, Herb Crisler, Lois Crisler, Robert H. Crandall
R: 2012-02-21
I: 2020-09-07
5408 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
The True Story of True Life Adventures
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Walter Elias Disney, James Algar, Winston Hibler, Ben Sharpsteen, Jack Couffer, Paul Kenworthy, Elma Milotte, Herb Crisler, Lois Crisler, Robert H. Crandall
R: 2006-12-06
I: 2020-09-07
5188 Kinematograph Weekly
#410.2292, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Alice In Wonderland
Disney tells "Kine" how [he] made [Alice[
Kathryn Beaumont, Walter Elias Disney, Jerry Colonna
R: 1951-05-31
I: 2020-06-12
5176 The Walt Disney Family Museum
Text (Website), Feature
Composing Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies
A Musical Interlude to Features
Author: Ross Care
Walter Elias Disney, Carl Stalling, Leigh Harline, Deems Taylor, Frank Churchill
R: 2019-08-19
I: 2020-06-04
5125 Misc Websites
Text (Website), Feature
1941 Disney Strike: Picket Lines in Paradise
With the world at war, animation auteur battled his artists
Author: Jake S. Friedman
Roy E. Disney, Walter Elias Disney, Richard Williams, Arthur Harold Babitsky, Charles Mintz, Gunther Lessing
R: 2017-06
I: 2020-05-17
5043 The Picturegoer Weekly
Text (Magazine), Feature
Our Walt
Alan Warwick talks about...
Walter Elias Disney, Bobby Driscoll
R: 1949-12-10
I: 2020-05-03
5029 LOOK magazine
Text (Magazine), Feature
New Disney Film – The Three Caballeros
R: 1945-03-20
I: 2020-05-02
5023 Misc Magazines
Text (Magazine), Feature
Peter Pan
Walt Disney gives a brand-new, free-wheeling life to Peter Pan and his pals—and their startling adventures in Never Land
R: 1953
I: 2020-05-02
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