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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Richard Crosby

The SKIN DIVER magazine is very underwater minded. This writer is a diver and a reporter and because of this perhaps it would seem that we are unduly prejudiced in favor of an undersea film of this magnitude, so I offer some comment from other gentlemen of the press first.

Their reviews contained statements like: "A suspenseful tale of exciting events and unusual experiences! Everyone will be entranced!" Another said: "Incredible, fantastic! It marvels!" also. "Fabulous and fantastic as anything Walt Disney has ever done!"

The film is based of course on the Jules Verne classic which has had a prominent place in libraries thronghout the world for some 86 years. It is called the first truly great piece of science-fiction, and its imaginative author has often been called the father of modern science-fiction. In his time the author has been accused of going a little too far: that the technical marvels of which he wrote were beyond reasonable possibility. Yet, as time went on not only did most of the predictions become reality, but the book took on unprecedented prestige.

This writer recalls reading an 1896 article written by Simon Lake, who is often referred to as Americas submarine genius. Mr. Lake then said that all his inspiration for submarine development came from reading 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. He read it over and over again, and indeed his own life later be, came about as close to that of the fictional Captain Nemo as any man that ever lived




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