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Piglets' Tune

Whos afraid of the big bad wolf, big
bad wolf, big bad wolf?
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
Tra la la la la.

Three months ago all unbeknownst to themselves three little pigs turned songpluggers. Their behavior was revolutionary so far as the song industry was concerned. Song-plugging had been left before to such shrewd and experienced performers as Rudy Vallée, Al Jolson, Helen Morgan. The three little pigs were neither shrewd nor experienced. They were pink and new-looking with pudgy behinds and ridiculous tails. Two were so imprudent that they built their houses of straws and sticks, fiddled and danced and tootled on the flute all day, mocking their serious pig-brother who built a brick house and plastered it with wolf-proof cement.




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