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"So Dear to My Heart’ is the full-length Disney of today. The Disney of yesterday with his "Snow White" and "Bambi" is also very dear to our hearts, and we have learnt te expect from him those fabulous cartoon classics. What are the signs for the Disney of tomorrow ?

YOU can't get away from it – the picturegoing public likes to take its Disney neat.

The present mixture of Disney cartoon and straight "live" photography doesn’t go down so well. And it is nothing to do with the quality of she article served up, which is unquestionably of a high level, particularly in So Dear to My Heart—it is just that the public prefers its Disney undiluted, or so it seems to me.

The reason for this, of course, is that our Walt found his way so securely into our hearts that we cannot, so to speak, bear to see what ap; to be a partial eclipse of his technique taking place.



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