# Source Title People Date
7227 Cosmopolitan
#136.5, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Girls Behind Disney's Characters
Author: John Whitcomb
Kathryn Beaumont, Marjorie Belcher, Ilene Woods, Mary Costa, Adriana Caselotti, Margaret Kerry, Helene Stanley
R: 1954-05
I: 2024-01-03
7223 Photoplay
#40.4, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Alice in wonderland
Author: Rena Firth
Kathryn Beaumont
R: 1951-10
I: 2024-01-02
5909 The Pathfinder
#56.12, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Margaret in Wonderland
Margaret O'Brien
R: 1949-06-15
I: 2021-03-08
5769 Cartoonist PROfiles
#15, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
What's Doing at Disney?
Animation is Alive, Well – and Profitable – at Walt Disney Productions
Author: Ed Black
Marc Davis, Ward Kimball, Milt Kahl, Ken Anderson, Frank Thomas, Wolfgang Reitherman, Walter Elias Disney, Ted Berman, Les Clark, Larry Clemmons, Ron Miller, Esmond Cardon Walker, Walter Lantz, Elias Disney, Angela Lansbury, Ed Wynn
R: 1972-09
I: 2021-02-02
5746 Disney History Institute Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Feature
The Book of Hench
Part 06: Disneyland in the 1950s
Author: Todd James Pierce
John Hench, Walter Elias Disney, Ron Miller, Esmond Cardon Walker, Don Iwerks, Bill Martin, Bill Evans, Salvador Dali, Todd James Pierce, Tommy Walker
R: 2021-01-25
I: 2021-01-25
5734 Imagineer Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Mary Blair
Interview with Niece, Maggie Richardson
Author: Matthew E. Krul
Mary Blair
R: 2021-01-16
I: 2021-01-16
5507 Disney History Institute Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Feature
The Book of Hench
Part 04: Movies, Myths, and Sea Monsters
Author: Todd James Pierce
Ward Kimball, John Hench, Harper Goff, Walter Elias Disney, Salvador Dali, Todd James Pierce
R: 2020-11-02
I: 2020-11-02
5341 Notably Disney
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Favorite Forgotten Disney Songs with Jim Fanning
Part 2
Jim Fanning
R: 2020-04-07
I: 2020-07-29
5210 The Scotsman
Text (Magazine), Interview
Interview: Jimmy MacDonald
The Dundee voice of Disney
Jim MacDonald, Wayne Allwine, Joe Herrington
R: 2009-12-23
I: 2020-06-25
5205 D23
Video (Youtube Channel), Feature
Meet the Archivists!
Celebrating 50 Years of the Walt Disney Archives
Mary Blair, Becky Cline, Dave Smith, Walter Elias Disney, Hayley Mills, Pete Docter
R: 2020-06-22
I: 2020-06-22
5188 Kinematograph Weekly
#410.2292, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Alice In Wonderland
Disney tells "Kine" how [he] made [Alice[
Kathryn Beaumont, Walter Elias Disney, Jerry Colonna
R: 1951-05-31
I: 2020-06-12
5176 The Walt Disney Family Museum
Text (Website), Feature
Composing Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies
A Musical Interlude to Features
Author: Ross Care
Walter Elias Disney, Carl Stalling, Leigh Harline, Deems Taylor, Frank Churchill
R: 2019-08-19
I: 2020-06-04
5048 Los Angeles Times
Text (Magazine), Feature
Animator Andreas Deja breathes life into Disney characters and more
Author: Todd Martens
Andreas Deja, Milt Kahl, Ron Clements, John Musker, Frank Thomas, Eric Larson, Daan Jippes, Chris Sanders, Danny Elfman, George Lucas, Fred Moore
R: 2015-08-13
I: 2020-05-03
5038 Silver Screen
Text (Magazine), Feature
In-the-flesh "Alice"
Kathryn Beaumont, Ed Wynn, Jerry Colonna, Roy Fitzell, Larry Grey, Richard Haydn
R: 1951-05
I: 2020-05-03
5028 Misc documents
Text (Document), Feature
Tribute to Milt Kahl by Marc Davis
in 2009 Academy Tribute to Milt Kahl
Author: Marc Davis
Kathryn Beaumont, Marc Davis, Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas, Walter Elias Disney, Grim Natwick, Ollie Johnston, Donald W. Graham, Bobby Driscoll
R: 2009-04-27
I: 2020-05-02
5012 Sketches
Text (Magazine), Feature
Pure Disney Flair...
(thats Mary Blair!)
Author: Jim Fanning
Marc Davis, Mary Blair, Frank Thomas, Walter Elias Disney
R: 2005 ?
I: 2020-05-02
5002 Sketches
Text (Magazine), Feature
Becoming Anita
Lisa Davis
Author: Julie Schlax-Patrick
Walter Elias Disney, Lisa Davis
R: 2006
I: 2020-05-01
5001 Studio Newsreel/Disney Newsreel
Text (Magazine), Feature
When I went home...
Roland Dupree
Kathryn Beaumont, Marc Davis, Margaret Kerry, Roland Dupree
R: 2007-05
I: 2020-05-01
4714 Animator Magazine
#18, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
David Hall’s Wonderland
book review
Author: Robin Allan
Brian Sibley, Robin Allan, David Hall
R: 1987, Spring
I: 2020-02-21
4706 Animator Magazine
#14, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Wolfgang Reitherman remembered
Author: Brian Sibly
Wolfgang Reitherman, Walter Elias Disney, Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, Donald W. Graham
R: 1985, Winter
I: 2020-02-21
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