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When I went home...
Roland Dupree

Roland Dupree, the live-action model for Peter Pan, returns to the Studio Lot to catch up with some dear old friends.

More than 60 years had passed since they last saw each other, but Margaret Kerry and Roland Dupree, the live-action models for Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, know that once you've traveled to Never Land together you never really leave.

Roland recently visited the Studio Lot for the first time since working on Peter Pan, and Margaret was there to greet her old friend. “When I saw Roland again, my heart went ‘kunka-kunka-kunka,’” the still-effervescent actress says from a comfortable chair in the new Disney Archives Library, where she is catching up with Roland and Disney Legend Kathy Beaumont-Levine, the voice and live-action model for Wendy as well as Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Margaret holds a hand on her heart as if to slow down the beating and smiles warmly at Roland, who beams back at her just as brightly. “I have so many happy memories of working with Roland. I was petrified of heights, and he helped me so much with the flying scenes. It doesn’t seem that long ago,” she says.



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