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The Girls Behind Disney's Characters
John Whitcomb

A star’s pedigree is always interesting, and we thought you might like to meet the invisible family tree of the Disney Girls. Here are some young ladies who played a part in creating Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Wendy and Tinker Bell in “Peter Pan,” and Sleeping Beauty in the feature-length film now being made. They spoke the lines, sang the songs, and modeled the characters as inspiration for Disney animators.

Here we give you a peek at some fetching scenery behind the scenes.

“Alice in Wonderland”

KATHY BEAUMONT was picked for “Alice in Wonderland” because she was blonde and pretty and twelve years old, and had a British accent that wasn’t too British. [...]


FOR THIS FILM, the situation grows more complicated. Two girls contributed to this one: Ilene Woods sang her songs, and Helene Stanley supplied her figure. [...]

“Peter Pan’’

THE PETULANT AND TEMPERAMENTAL character of Tinker Bell required a model with a dancer’s grace. Margaret Kerry, a screen and TV actress with ballet training and the chassis of a pixie, was inspiration for the Disney animators. [...]

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

“SNOW WHITE,” Disney’s first full-length cartoon film, cost a million and a halj to make in 1937, and has brought in sixteen. [...]

“Sleeping Beauty”

BESIDES PURELY CARTOON features made at the Disney studio, many musical films and part-live-action movies have required the services of a large number of girls who modeled, talked, sang, or acted, some of them unknown, some famous. [...]




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