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7227 Cosmopolitan
#136.5, 6pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Girls Behind Disney's Characters
Author: John Whitcomb
Kathryn Beaumont, Marjorie Belcher, Ilene Woods, Mary Costa, Adriana Caselotti, Margaret Kerry, Helene Stanley
R: 1954-05
I: 2024-01-03
7217 Cosmopolitan
#134.2, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
A New Delight from Disney
Cosmopolitan Movie Citations
Author: Louella O. Parsons
Louella O. Parsons
R: 1953-02
I: 2024-01-02
7153 Cosmopolitan
#113.6, 8pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Gremlins
Author: "Pegasus" (Illustrated by Walt Disney Studio)
Roald Dahl
R: 1942-12
I: 2023-03-17
6331 Cosmopolitan
#96.2, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Mickey Mouse – Meet Your Maker!
The real story of Walt Disney, the famous creator of "Three Little Pigs," who found it pays to invite the wolf in!
Author: Sidney Skolsky
Walter Elias Disney
R: 1934-02
I: 2021-09-30
5516 Cosmopolitan
#148.5, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Swiss Family in Disney's Zoo
Author: Jon Whitcomb
Fess Parker, Tommy Kirk, Frederick Martin MacMurray, Hayley Mills, John Mills, James MacArthur, Janet Munro, Dorothy MeGuire, Kevin Corcoran
R: 1960-05
I: 2020-11-08
3385 Cosmopolitan
#103.2, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Cosmopolite of the Month: Walt Disney
The creator of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the Silly Symphony troupe is one of Hollywood's most retiring geniuses.
Author: Gene Fowler
Walter Elias Disney
R: 1937-08
I: 2017-08-29
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