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Among its many creative achievements, Disneyland has turned up three of the most original applications of 16mm movies ever developed

Fittingly enough, these new movie techniques have all been set up in Tomorrowland. Also of interest is the fact that the highly creative media have been put to sound, down-toearth, hard selling jobs by their sponsors.

The three shows are:

- Circarama .., sponsored by American Motors. This movie-in-theround presents a continuous, 11screen picture on a 40-foot diameter circular screen,

- The World Beneath Us . . , sponsored by Richfield Oil. On what is probably the oddest shaped movie screen ever developed, this show reviews the creation and development of oil resources, past and future,

- A Trip to the Moon.., sponsored by Trans World Airlines. Passengers are taken on a simulated rocket ship ride around the moon through mov ies projected into the rockets space scanners.