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6295 Consulting Engineer
#7.2, 7pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disneyland… Engineering For Amusement
Author: J.S. Hamel
R: 1956-02
I: 2021-09-10
6214 Advertising Requirements
#4.3, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
New Visual Aids Draw Visitors To Exhibits At Disneyland
Willy Ley
R: 1956-03
I: 2021-07-23
5517 Disney History Institute Podcast
Audio (Podcast), Feature
The Book of Hench
Part 05: The invention of Disneyland
Author: Todd James Pierce
Ward Kimball, John Hench, Harper Goff, Walter Elias Disney, Bill Cottrell, Peter Ellenshaw, Dick Irvine, Bill Justice, Richmond Kelsey, Bruce Bushman, Salvador Dali, Todd James Pierce, Hal Adelquist, Werner von Braun
R: 2020-11-14
I: 2020-11-15
5157 Disney and more
Text (Website), Feature
A Grand Tribute to Tim Delaney
Part 2: Disneyland Paris Discovery Mountain project
Author: Alain Littaye
Timothy J. Delaney, Tony Baxter, Alain Littaye
R: 2009-10-31
I: 2020-05-23
3404 Misc documents
Text (Document), Document
Information On Disneyland's New Tomorrowland
A World On The Move
Author: WED Enterprises , Inc.
R: 1967, Summer
I: 2017-09-06
2846 Misc documents
Text (Document), Interview
Suggested Attractions for the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair
R: 2016-09-23
S: 1962
I: 2016-09-29
2666 TWA Skyliner Magazine
#18.27, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Rocket Ship Ready for Blast-Off To Moon July 18
R: 1955-07-07
I: 2016-07-30
2655 Business Screen Magazine
#16.6, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
A Trip to the Moon
Trans World Airlines Takes Visitors to "Outer Space"
R: 1955-09-15
I: 2016-07-26
2652 Business Screen Magazine
#16.6, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Motion Picture Exhibition Techniques in "Tomorrowland"
R: 1955-09-15
I: 2016-07-26
2300 Hogan's Alley
Text (Magazine), Feature
Ward Kimball’s Final Farewell
Author: Jim Korkis
Jim Korkis, Michael Broggie, Roger Broggie, Ward Kimball, Glen Keane, Frank Thomas, Walter Elias Disney, Wilfred Jackson, William Bartlett Peet, Ben Sharpsteen, Salvador Dali, Fred Moore, Norm Ferguson, Werner von Braun
R: 2003
S: 1996
I: 2016-03-10
1174 International Projectionist
#30.9, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Circarama: Spectacular 16-mm Presentation at Disneyland
Imaginative use is made of 16-mm equipment at new Caiifornia amusement park to project picture on screen that curves to full circle, and to provide illusion of space-ship travel.
R: 1955-09
I: 2015-03-26
711 Disney Avenue
#8, 01:08:11
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Alice Davis Interview
Alice Davis
R: 2014-11-26
I: 2014-11-26
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