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Disneyland… Engineering For Amusement
J.S. Hamel

FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS, Walt Disney envisioned a "Magic Kingdom" encompassing a lavish new kind of entertainment designed for family partic ipation. With the opening of "Disneyland," on July 18, 1955, this dream came true. To the young it is a land of the enchanting past and the boundless future; to the older generation it is a place to relive fond memories of days gone by and to renew the challenge of the world of tomorrow. Background

In designing Disneyland nothing was left to chance. As soon as Disney had put his ideas into sketches, the wheels of research began to turn, and the need for technical data began to pyramid. Since a location within the vast metropolitan area of Los Angeles was of prime importance, experts were retained to assist in the selection of the site. Accessibility, topography, environment, and utilities all were investigated before choosing a section of land adjacent to the city of Anaheim. This site is approximately 23 miles southeast of the center of the city of Los Angeles and immediately adjacent to the main Santa Ana freeway route.

By the time the property had been purchased and ground broken, scouting teams were traveling over the United States and Canada to procure authentic equipment. Three cities in the East supplied gas lamps to line Main Street. Some of the cresting and railing in Frontierland came from Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Other antique equipment came from New Orleans and from numerous other cities and communities across the nation.

Even the landscaping posed problems as areas representing a range of climate conditions from the northern border of our country to the tropics were to be created within a few hundred feet of each other. Subtropical plantings were procured from various U. S, locations. From Australia and the Pacific Islands came supplies of lush tropical effects for the Adventureland boat rides area.



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