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Walt's People
Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him - Volume 4
Didier Ghez

Walt's People: Volume 4 features appearances by Virgina Davis McGhee, Dick Huemer, Joe Grant, Peter Ellenshaw, John Hench, Marc Davis, Lou Debney, Stan Green, Leo Salkin, Dale Oliver, Dick Moores, Roger Armstrong, Roy Williams, Brian Sibley, Ted Berman, Floyd Norman, and Eric Goldberg.

Among the hundreds of stories in this volume:

  • DICK HUEMER shares highlights from his five decades as an animator, as well as in-depth remembrances of working with Walt and many of Disney's top animators and storymen.
  • PETER ELLENSHAW draws the dots of his Disney career as an Academy Award-winning artist and matte painter for 34 Disney films.
  • ROY WILLIAMS looks back on his life spent at Disney, including the time he mistook Walt for a traffic boy, and how that incident led to their long friendship.
  • JOE GRANT pulls no punches, and spares no feelings, in a wide-ranging post-mortem of his many years with Disney.

The entertaining, informative stories in every volume of Walt's People will please both Disney scholars and eager fans alike.


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