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Floyd Norman
Celbi Pegoraro
Celbi Pegoraro: In the first part of this interview, you told me about your work on The Jungle Book and Walt’s passing, right after you started your own production company. Is that correct? Floyd Norman: Back to 1966 and The Jungle Book. I had been toying with the idea of starting my own studio some day, but it was more a dream than anything I thought would really happen. Then in 1966, while I was doing story work on The Jungle Book, my partners suddenly came up with enough funding to actually start the studio. Suddenly I had to make a choice. Should I stay with Disney in this new story position, or venture out on my own? For a time, I thought maybe I could do both. I could work at Disney as a day job, and devote my evenings and weekends to my own studio. Of course, I soon realized this was not practical, and I would have to decide which path I was going to follow.


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Source type Book Series
Volume 4 Chapter: 23
Subject date 2005, 2006
Language en
Document type Interview
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Pages pp. 260-286


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