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Huemeresque 1
Ted Sears
Richard 'Dick' Huemer
As remembered by Dick Huemer in Funnyworld number 18. Today I’m going to regale your tender ears with a little gab about a certain fabulous character who once happily graced our beloved profession—our very own Till Eulenspiegel. You all know about Till, of course: always the mot juste on tap—ever some outrageously amusing prank hatching in his fertile brain. Well, our Till was called Ted, and his last name was not Eulenspiegel, but Sears. That’s right: Ted Sears is he of whom I speak. And his comical inventions were, at least to my mind, far superior to anything old Till ever cooked up. […]


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Source type Book Series
Volume 4 Chapter: 6
Subject date 1978
Language en
Document type Feature
Media type text
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Pages pp. 97-100


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