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Part 4
George McGinnis

Scene/Story development

Tom Fitzgerald was the main story person as the Horizons project got rolling. (In July 2001, Tom was appointed Executive Vice President, Senior Creative Executive, WDI.) Tom added the warmth of story to scenes I was designing and modeling in small scale. I had modeled the nose of the space shuttle in the dock. Tom sat down and said, “Let's show a family arriving at Omega Centauri and have their little boy floating weightless, having taken off his magnetic shoes and the father trying to rescue the floating luggage, a teddy bear, the boy's shoes.” I guess the boy could float for a while for he was certainly enjoying it.

Reed McGinnis served as the model for Timmy, the boy floating away from his family at Omega Centauri's arrival area, while Scott McGinnis posed for the scuba diving scene under the restaurant in addition to the Classroom/Seal scene. Photos by George McGinnis.


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