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Part 2
George McGinnis

The Traveling Image Concept

I would like to offer a bit more information on the “traveling screen concept” mentioned in Part 1. Correctly named, it would be “traveling image concept.” At the time there was talk in technical journals of using the technology to project images on subway tunnel walls. They would travel with the trains and be used for advertisements.

I suggested it for an element in the Horizons post show. It was to be a “tunnel” of moving images that the guest viewed while standing on a moving belt. GE's businesses would be highlighted. It was a short experience but had good capacity—ideal for a post-show experience. Its weakness, as I had conceived it, was that there was no sequential story, much as in the Omnimax theater. As I wrote in Part 1, the post show was eliminated and the show ideas with it.

So when asked by Marty Sklar to come up with an ending after the Omnimax experience was moved to mid-story, I suggested this idea to the team. The first thought was to use it for polling, but a GE team member said, “I could get all the information I need from just 1,000 guests leaving the pavilion.” It then evolved into the guest voting for a choice of simulation experiences.


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