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George McGinnis

Horizons Pavilion presented by General Electric was sometimes referred to as the story that should have been told inside the Spaceship Earth geodesic sphere, Epcot's entrance icon at Walt Disney World. The Horizons attraction, an optimistic view of the future covering all of the Epcot themes, certainly would have filled the bill. It was enjoyed by all and is dearly missed as evidenced by the Internet chatter that continues to this day.

A typical letter was this one posted at the time of Horizon's closing: “Horizons has always been my favorite ride at Epcot. I'm very upset that they closed it. Don't get me wrong, I like when new rides open, but I hate when they close rides I really love.”

This sad letter expresses succinctly what Disney executives know so well: Some show experiences will have to live in our memories as do most movies. The new show must come on. Disney has been successful at creating shows that a person can enjoy over and over again. General Electric's Carousel of Progress is the one I would choose as an example.


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