# Source Title People Date
1191 The Disney Project Podcast
#19, 00:46:42
Audio (Podcast), Interview
R: 2015-04-16
I: 2015-04-16
1066 Omni magazine
#4.9, 2pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
The Arts section
Author: Sal Manna
R: 1982-06
I: 2015-02-18
1031 Cinefantastique
#12.4, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Walt Disney computerizes filmmaking and finds that film may soon be passe.
Author: David J. Hogan
R: 1982-05/06
I: 2015-02-08
1014 Byte Magazine
#7.11, 20pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Tronic Imagery
A behind-the-scenes look at the development of the computer-generated graphics in Disney Studio's film TRON.
Author: Peter Sørensen
R: 1982-11
I: 2015-02-04
1013 Starlog Magazine
#67, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Interview
Steven Lisberger - The Creator of the world of TRON
Author: Don McGregor
Steven Lisberger
R: 1983-02
I: 2015-02-04
1012 Starlog Magazine
#62, 7pp
Text (Magazine), Interview
TRON - Changing The Laws of Physics
Bill Kroyer interview on TRON
Author: David Hutchison
Bill Kroyer
R: 1982-09
I: 2015-02-04
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