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This article by Roger Rapoport has been reprinted from the November 1971 issue of Ramparts, by special arrangement between the NEXUS and the editors of Ramparts.
Rapoport is a California-based writer and author of a new study of the American nuclear weapons program titled. The Great American Bomb Machine (E.P. Dutton).

When Walt Disney died in 1966, the consensual eulogy about his greatness was interrupted by occasional whisperings about the fate of his body. It had not been interred or cremated at all, so the rumors went, but had been frozen, the creator of Mickey Mouse having in his later years become a convert to the fledgling cult of cryogenics. At about the time of this gothic gossip, Disney’s corporation was receiving permission from the UJ3. Forest Service to carve one of the world’s largest ski areas out of Mineral King, an untouched part of the Sierra Valley, bordered on three sides by Sequoia National Park, and midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It was this that led certain Hollywood cynics to wonder out loud if Walt would one day be thawed out and return to ski when his magic Alpine kingdom was completed.


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