While it seems like fans have had to wait forever, Buena Vista Home Video has finally released a deluxe special edition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit on DVD. Loaded to the ears with bonus materials – including an audio commentary, featurettes, an extensive documentary, short subjects, and more – the 2-disc set is bound to please fans.

In conjunction with the DVD's release, we were able to speak with Andreas Deja, one of the film's supervising animators. Animation aficionados will recognize Deja as the lead animator behind such classic Disney characters as The Lion King's Scar, Beauty & the Beast's Gaston, Aladdin's Jafar, and the title character in Hercules.

IGN FILMFORCE: If I remember correctly, you were a Supervising Animator on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

ANDREAS DEJA: That's correct.

IGNFF: What exactly did the job entail on that project?

DEJA: It's not like the usual assignment on a regular feature – the ones that don't involve live-action. You usually start out by designing the characters, and then develop the acting and the emotions. That sort of thing. In this case, on Roger Rabbit, there was so much of Roger Rabbit to animate that a lot of animators actually did it. So I did a whole bunch of sequences, and I also jumped around – I did most of the Disney cameos. The Fantasia characters – the ostrich and all of the others. I also did, earlier on, a few scenes with the leader of the weasels, Smartass. The sequence where Bob Hoskins is hiding Roger Rabbit in the sink.