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THAT large sized headline there above is imposing enough, it is true, yet it is something of an over-simplification. Walt Disney Productions, with offices in California, at 2400 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank; at 447 Madison Avenue, New York City, and lately plenty of way stations across the world, is an outfit with a truly unique business personality.

It is unique in large measure because it stems from, has had its growth around and builds through a single man, without which it would not be, and yet a man whose voice is restrained, whose presence is quietly felt, rather than oppressively dominating.

It is difficult indeed to talk of Walt Disney Productions without going wholehog into a discussion of one Walter E. Disney. Yet to do so would be unfair in the extreme, unfair first to Walt himself, for he's that type of man, and secondly, unfair to all those seven or eight hundred men and women who happily call him boss, in perhaps the most benign use of the term in modern business history,


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