Interviewed by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston on January 12, 1979. (These are Frank Thomas’ notes from the interview.)

[Ollie asks about “The Dance of the Hours” and whimsy: Was that Walt’s?]

T. Hee: I think it came from us and the animators. Walt wasn’t in on it too much. It should be satire. I began to thumbnail the whole thing. I choreographed it from a visual standpoint. I got Ken O’Connor to follow my sketches, then I got the feeling that there should be four different sections and the animation should be free and carefree and nutty and wild. I was always crazy about nutty dancers. I had been a burlesque dancer myself, and had my own routine on the Orpheum Circuit when I was about fifteen or sixteen. I thought it would be a good idea to do the same thing. Then we had this girl who was a dancer and she had these broad poses and we would draw right over her Photostats.


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