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THERE'S MAGIC in the pen and name of Walt Disney who has brought millions the world over the delightful antics of his cartoon characters. The broadened horizon of Disney's production program re- cetitiv added the fascinating interest of colorful nature studv films and won the studio three Academy Awards in this field.


Now that magic name and talent has come to 16mm and rental lilirarv outlets across the nation, including such well-known sources as Association Films. RKO-Radio. Ideal Pictures and others, have been licensed to distribute 16mm versions of a wide range of Disney productions. From the award-winning "True-Life Adventure Series" have come such subjects as Seal Island, Beaver Valley and Nature's Half-Acre, all in Technicolor.


Colorful Animated Cartoons in 16mm


Animated cartoon subjects now available include the History of Aviation, Behind the Scenes of Walt Disney Studio, and Disney Cartoon Parade Number One. Three nine-minute cartoons in 16mm now are Clock Cleaners, Bone Trouble, and Donald & Pluto.


Of all this picture pioneer's innovations in mass entertainment and showmanship, none won him more widespread acclaim than the series of nature dramas. These factual reports on the human and funny side of wild animals have won the respect of naturalists, educators and showmen.


The man who made Fantasia sensed the entertainment possibilities in the natural behavior of animals and evolved the plan for True-Life pictures. His first problem was finding photographers with the proper qualifications. For Seal Island, the first True-Life picture and the first award winner, he secured Alfred G. Milotte and his wife Emma. They were naturalists as well as cinematographers, had the skills and patience necessary for successful nature photography, and knew where to find and what to expect from their quarry.