Tonight we discuss “Building A Better Mouse - The Story Of the Electronic Imagineers Who Designed EPCOT.” By Steve Alcorn and David Green.  Our host Cody along with Jared and Joe visit with Steve and discuss his work on EPCOT.

Steve Alcorn, entrepreneur, author and teacher. And Imagineer....


In 1982 He joined Walt Disney Imagineering (then known as WED Enterprises) as a consultant, where He worked on the electronic systems for Epcot Center’s American Adventure, the park-wide monitoring system, and Journey Into Imagination, where He became WED’s first systems engineer.

He learned a bit more about management during a brief stint in the peripherals industry, where He had an engineering department of 40, but the entertainment industry called to him. He was Vice President of Engineering and later Chief Operating Officer for Linn Electronics, the inventors of the digital drum machine.

In 1986 he founded Alcorn McBride, the company that makes the audio/video players and control systems used in nearly all of the world’s theme parks.