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[img]Beautiful Helene Stanley modeled for the title role of Sleeping Beauty, which will be released next spring. She dyed her hair while posing for the artists. Since her first motion picture for MGM she has made films in Hollywood, in Germany and in Yugoslavia.[/img]

[img]Helene was also the model for Cinderella. During the work on that film, Disney artists let her hair remain its natural dark red color. Her almond-shaped hazel eyes give her a pixie quality. She is five feet four inches tall and tips the scales at 108 pounds.[/img]

[img]The model for Snow White (below) in the film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was the daughter of a dancing instructor in Los Angeles. Her name was Marjorie Celeste Belcher. After Disney, she continued with her dancing and even married a dancer. Today they're Marge & Gower Champion.[/img]

[img]Kathy Beaumont was the inspiration for two Disney heroines – Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, left) and Wendy Darling (in Peter Pan). Born in London in 1938, Kathy moved with her parents to Bangor, North Wales, where her father was a broadcaster during the war. She returned to London in 1945 and was spotted by an MGM scout. She appeared in three films before signing with Disney. Now a grown-up lady of 20, Kathy still works for the Disney studio-during the summer, while she is on vacation from her college studies.[/img]

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