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A Word from Roy Disney As a further step in preparing our organization to better handle our rather widespread and fast-moving business, we have made several changes in corporate officers and their duties. I have relinquished the post of President and remain as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Donn B. Tatum, formerly Vice President with administrative duties, has moved up to the Presidency, and E. Cardon Walker to the newly created post of Executive Vice President and chief operating officer. Vice President Ronald W. Miller, who is also a member of the Board of Directors, has been appointed Executive Producer in charge of all motion picture and television product. A new Engineering and Construction Division has been established and Joseph W. Fowler has been appointed Senior Vice President in charge. Until now, Admiral Fowler has been responsible for the construction and operation of Disneyland. This move will relieve him of Disneyland operational duties and let him concentrate on engineering and construction at Disneyland, at Mineral King, and the Florida project. Richard A. Nunis, formerly Director of Operations at Disneyland, has been elected to the post of Vice President – Disneyland Operations. Many other changes have been made. Our organizational development and training program is being carried on at an accelerated pace. All of these changes are a part of our planning and preparation for the Florida project. As for myself, by being relieved of many duties as President, I will be able, and I intend to devote much more time to the Florida project, particularly with respect to financial planning. Our Florida project is an exceedingly large and challenging one. We intend to proceed with great caution and under a policy that will not endanger the company through undue optimism. Rather, we will follow a program of undertaking only what we can handle with financial safety and leave further developments to future years. The project is of such a nature that we will, I am sure, be carrying out its development for many years ahead. Personally, I feel very confident that we have an unusual and wonderful staff of varied talents and abilities who are entirely capable of bringing this project to its full realization. Already significant progress has been made in financial arrangements, land preparation, and engineering and design aspects. These achievements are satisfying and encouraging. Sometime in 1969 we expect to have construction plans, work schedules, costs and financing well defined. Roy O. Disney Chairman of the Board […]

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