Join Terri Hardin, ex-Disney Imagineer, as we talk all about her experience working on Ghostbusters, Disneyland Paris, Big Thunder Mountain, and Halloween at Walt Disney Imagineering.

This week’s Disneyland secret features the Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree in Frontierland. Where did the concept for this Disneyland Halloween tradition begin? Find out by listening below.

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  • 00:06:49  Carrier summary
  • 00:11:09  Key projects pre Disney
  • 00:11:20  Dune
  • 00:14:19  Ghostbusters
  • 00:25:41  Story vs. effects
  • 00:26:23  Avatar
  • 00:27:46  Emperor's New Groove
  • 00:29:28  vs. Treasure Planet
  • 00:31:01  Imagineering

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