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Ferdinand Horvath
Letter to his cousin James Frank Henry Hegessy
Ferdinand Horvath

[Didier Ghez] was recently contacted by genealogist Mark Morton, who with the authori- zation of Ferdinand Horvath’s family, shared with [him] this mini-autobiography that Horvath sent in 1962 to his cousin James Frank Henry Hegessy. [Didier recommends] reading it after having read the chapter [he] wrote about Ferdinand Horvath in They Drew As They Pleased: The Hidden Art of Disney’s Golden Age (Chronicle Books, 2015).

Dear Jim,

I presume you already received those few lines I wrote you a few days ago. Today we received your letter from June 1st, and I am hastening to reply. I really don’t know just where to begin, and I will be jumping back and forth.



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Source type Book Series
Volume 22 Chapter: 1
Subject date 1962
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