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Annual Report for Employees - For The Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 1944

Why This Report

Most of us have never had time to acquire the technical knowledge necessary to interpret the usual type of annual report. Your Labor-Management Committee has, therefore, suggested this report to set forth clearly the plain facts about the company’s affairs, and to answer some of the questions employees frequently ask about the business, for example:

How much business did the company do this year?

Where does the money come from?

Where does it go?

How are our pictures marketed?

What does the company own?

What does it owe?

A better understanding of these matters and a mutual and continuing interest in them is a basic premise of sound employer-employee relations. Your Committee invites your attention to the following pages and will welcome your comments.

In the course of preparing this report many suggestions as to content were received from employees. Many of them have been adopted. Many seemed more applicable to a program of indoctrination to acquaint newer employees with organization, production techniques and other less current matters. Such a program is contemplated.

Should you desire more detailed information about the financial statements on pages 8 to 10 you may secure a copy of the company’s Annual Report to Stockholders by calling the Personnel Department.

  • The Plant Itself
  • 25 Years Of Progress
  • Where Does The Money Come From?
  • Where Does The Money go?
    • Division of Income
    • Division of Salaries
  • Statement of Financial Condition - September 30, 1944
    • Assets - What We Own
    • Liabilities - What We Owe
    • Capital
  • Summary Statement of Income - Costs - Expenses and Profit
    • Income
    • Costs and Expenses
    • Profit for Year
  • That Old "Bugaboo" Overhead
  • The Honor Roll
  • The Home Front
    • Government Pictures
    • Insignia
    • War Bonds
    • Charity Drives
    • Other Activities
  • What Of Our Future...



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