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"We Never Had an Ending:" How Disney's 'Black Hole' Tried to Match 'Star Wars'
David Weiner

 Forty years later, director Gary Nelson, along with actors Joseph Bottoms and the late Robert Forster, look back at the big-budget space adventure: "Expectations were so high."

“A journey that begins where everything ends…” That was the tagline on the poster for The Black Hole, Disney’s $20 million sci-fi gamble in the post-Star Wars game, essentially spelling out its reality in the marketplace in 1979.

With its starfield setting, stormtrooper-like sentries, swashbuckling laser battles and high-end special effects work — not to mention saturated merchandising by the Disney machine — The Black Hole was clearly a response to the 1977 George Lucas juggernaut and was destined for direct comparisons when it arrived in theaters two-and-a-half years later.



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