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Monsanto and Disneyland's Adventure Thru Inner Space
Jim Korkis

Jim shrinks down to celebrate some miracles thru molecules.

I wrote a book called Secret Stories of Extinct Disneyland that was filled with dozens of two page chapters devoted to attractions, entertainment, restaurants and more that no longer exist at Disneyland.

While I had the good fortune to have actually experienced most of those things I documented, the challenge was how to accurately compress enough important information into less than a thousand words a chapter so that those Disney fans who were unfamiliar with those experiences could better understand and appreciate what they were like.

This week I decided I wanted to expand one of those entries over three-fold the length by utilizing some material I have from the original training manual issued to Disneyland cast members in 1967 along with my own research.

Adventure Thru Innerspace was a part of Tomorrowland from August 1967 to September 1985

Adventure Thru Inner Space that was located at the front of Tomorrowland in Disneyland from August 1967 to September 1985 gave guests a chance to be miniaturized "beyond the limits of normal magnification."



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