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The 1969 First Official Walt Disney World Press Event
Jim Korkis

Jim looks back at the three-day event when Roy Disney told the world about the plans for the Florida park.

With the 45th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World approaching in October, I felt it was time to revisit the very first press event describing Disney's plans for the Florida property, after the earlier announcement on November 15, 1965 by Walt and Roy that Disney was coming to the state.

Walt had been purposely vague about his plans although everyone expected an East Coast version of Disneyland.

"I've always said that there will never be another Disneyland, and I think it's going to work out that way," said Walt during the press conference. "But it will be the equivalent of Disneyland.

"We know the basic things that have family appeal," he said. "There are many ways that you can use those certain basic things and give them a new decor, a new treatment. This concept here will have to be something that is unique, so there is a distinction between Disneyland in California and whatever Disney does in Florida."

Imagineer Marvin Davis remembered, "Walt always steadfastly refused to do another Disneyland because he said he had done the best park he knew how to do and why would he want to repeat himself? He said, 'There are too many things in the world to do that are different and new and more of a challenge to me.' The only reason I'm sure he decided to tackle Disney World was because of its connection to Epcot."



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