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5135 MousePlanet
Text (Website), Feature
The 1969 First Official Walt Disney World Press Event
Author: Jim Korkis
Marty Sklar, Jim Korkis, Claude Coats, Marc Davis, John Hench, Herb Ryman, Walter Elias Disney, Marvin Davis, William Everett Potter, Esmond Cardon Walker, Roy O. Disney, Valerie Watson, Peggie Fariss
R: 2016-07-06
I: 2020-05-20
5110 Mousetalgia!
#601, 00:55
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Disneyland Tour Guide Laurie Jerome
Laurie Jerome
R: 2020-04-26
I: 2020-05-14
2085 Misc Magazines
Text (Magazine), Feature
The girl guides of Disneyland
Author: Lloyd Shearer
R: 1961-03-26
I: 2016-01-07
1755 Mouse Clubhouse
Audio (Website), Interview
Connie Swanson Lane interview
The 1966 Disneyland Ambassador to the World
Connie Swanson Lane
R: 2015-10-15
S: 2008
I: 2015-10-17
1308 Mouse Clubhouse
Audio (Website), Interview
Marcia Miner Phillips interview
1967 Disneyland Ambassador to the World
Marcia Miner Phillips
R: 2015-03-24
S: 2013
I: 2015-05-18
1268 Mouse Clubhouse
Audio (Website), Interview
Cicely Rigdon interview
Ticket seller; tour guide; Guest Relations; Walt Disney
Cicely Rigdon
R: 2014-11-13
S: 2008
I: 2015-05-11
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