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Interconnecting and timing a state-of-the-art teleproduction facility
Tim Wetmore

Interconnecting and timing a state-of-the-art teleproduction facility can pose many challenges. The challenges are being met with new routing systems and innovative approaches to plant wiring designs.

Wiring up a state-of-the-art, multi-room teleproduction facility has never been an easy afternoon's job. Today more than ever, as the number of tape formats proliferates and plant designs become more complex, the wires and signals that form a facility's "cardiovascular system" need to be centrally coordinated. If done with forethought and creativity, "it makes things better and easier,' maintains Andy Delle, director of engineering for The Post Group, "but if you don't pay attention to detail, you'll have nagging problems for the entire life of the facility.'

Detail in the hidden world of interconnections means choosing the type of wiring necessary for the job as well as proper labelling. Perhaps even more important, in today's advanced facility, is the routing and timing schemes used to manage all of those signals and wires.

Delle has designed the signal flow and control system for The Post Group's newest facility, located within the new Disney-MGM Studios at Disney World. Though the facility is not yet complete, the design and routing concepts have been determined, and are being carried out.



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