# Source Title People Date
7110 Newsweek Magazine
#113.14, 7pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
How Disney Does It
A dazzling new theme park, saluting the movie biz, fulfills Walt's wildest dream
Author: Charles Leerhsen
Walter Elias Disney, Dick Nunis, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Michael Graves, Frank Wells
R: 1989-04-03
I: 2022-10-16
6629 Stereo World
#22.1, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Disney 3-D Shrinks Audience
Author: Don Marren
Rick Rothschild, Tom Fitzgerald, Michael Eisner, Dean Cundey, George Lucas, Jim Henson, Randal Kleiser
R: 1995-03/04
I: 2022-01-16
6628 Stereo World
#18.2, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Muppet/Disney 3-D Spoof Opens in Florida
Paul Osterhout, Jim Henson
R: 1991-05/06
I: 2022-01-16
5791 Cartoonist PROfiles
#103, 10pp
Text (Magazine), Interview
Aaron Blaise And The Lion King
Disney Animation in Orlando
Author: R.C. Harvey
Glen Keane, Walter Elias Disney, Mark Henn, Aaron Blaise, Jeffrey Katzenberg
R: 1994-09
I: 2021-02-02
5740 Beyond The Mouse
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Muppets, Dinosaurs and more with John Kennedy
Author: Craig McFarland, Brett Rutherford, Vanessa Ferguson
John Kennedy
R: 2021-01-21
I: 2021-01-22
5412 Misc Magazines
#24.10, 4pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Interconnecting and timing a state-of-the-art teleproduction facility
Author: Tim Wetmore
R: 1988-10
I: 2020-09-09
5189 TDR (The Drama Review)
#34.4, 19pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Reel Life Performance
The Disney-MGM Studios
Author: Steve Nelson
R: 1990, Winter
I: 2020-06-14
5162 Yesterland
Text (Website), Feature
WESTCOT Center and the Original Disneyland Resort
Author: Sam Gennawey
Tony Baxter, Marty Sklar, John Hench, Roy E. Disney, Michael Eisner, Michael Graves, Frank Wells
R: 2009-12
I: 2020-05-24
4671 Animato!
#19, 5pp
Text (Magazine), Feature
Welcome To Burbank, Florida
Frank Thomas, Mark Henn, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Michael Eisner, Robin Williams, Rob Minkoff
R: 1990, Winter
I: 2020-02-04
4480 Tomorrow Society podcast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Sound Designer Greg Meader
on the Disney/MGM Studios, On-Board Audio, and the Carousel of Progress
Author: Dan Heaton
Greg Meader
R: 2019-09-30
I: 2019-11-24
4406 Tomorrow Society podcast
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Skipper Ben Rebstock on Working at Walt Disney World, Inside the Magic, and the Disney/MGM Studios
Author: Dan Heaton
R: 2019-01-28
I: 2019-08-19
4282 Retro Disney World Podcast
#48.5, 02:05:28
Audio (Podcast), Interview
A Chat with Jeff Blyth
Director of the Timekeeper Film
Jeff Blyth
R: 2019-04-08
I: 2019-05-08
3944 Retro Disney World Podcast
#43.5, 00:57:20
Text (Podcast), Interview
A Chat with Chris Debiec
R: 2018-10-16
I: 2018-12-11
3495 Landscape Management
Text (Magazine), Feature
Instant landscapes?
Move trees
Author: Terry Mclver
R: 1991-10
I: 2017-11-03
3468 Flying Magazine
#120.1, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Mickey Mouse Hangs It Up
R: 1993-01
I: 2017-10-24
3230 The Tiara Talk Show
#167, 00:27:02
Text (Youtube Channel), Interview
Interview with Barry Temple
Robin Williams, Barry Temple
R: 2017-05-05
I: 2017-05-10
3085 Starburst Magazine
#139, 1p
Text (Magazine), Feature
Tummy Trouble
Author: Richard Holliss
R: 1990-03
I: 2017-02-18
3075 The Tiara Talk Show
#158, 00:27:27
Video (Youtube Channel), Interview
Interview with Max Howard
Studio Executive for The Walt Disney Animation Studios at Disney’s MGM Studios
Max Howard
R: 2017-02-03
I: 2017-02-07
2493 The Great Big Beautiful Podcast
#65, 01:07:18
Audio (Podcast), Interview
Aaron Blaise interview
Aaron Blaise
R: 2016-05-17
I: 2016-05-22
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