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Dispatch From Disney’s

[…] this 1943 publication was distributed to Disney employees who were serving in the war effort. The first section includes an introduction by Walt, an article on the power of animation to educate by Major Alexander P. de Seversky (author of Victory Through Air Power), a cartoon feature by Roy Williams, and newsy info on Disney artists T. Hee, Freddie Moore, Frank Thomas and Woolie Reitherman. The last part contains an article from Oliver Wallace describing how he was inspired to write "Der Fuhrer’s Face", some doodles by Roy Williams on life as an Air Raid Warden, a feature on the Disney Studio exercise coach Carl Johnson, news on the South American tour, and detailed information on the Disney wartime training films. […]

  • Editorial (Walt Disney)
  • Letter to 'Private Joe Disney' (Mickey Mouse)
  • Air Power Through Pictures (Major Alexander P. de Seversky)
  • A Day With Walt (Roy Williams (drawings), Ralph Parker (words))
  • Disney veterans (T. Hee, Freddie Moore, Frank Thomas, Woolie Reitherman)
  • Films Unite with Textbooks (Lars Moen)
  • Pan American Communiqué
  • Communiqué from the Film Front (Roy Disney)
  • Education for Death
  • Letters
  • Gerry James Letter
  • Insignia request letter
  • Laughter Knows How to Fight (Joe Grant, Dick Huemer)
  • Training Fighter Pilots with Film (Lt. Cmdr. John S. Thach)
  • Artists planing camouflage (Hal Adelquist)
  • Entertainment Values in Educational Films (Bob Carr)
  • Roll Call (Herb Ryman, Hank Porter)
  • Don Lusk/Margie Gummerson marriage
  • How I Wrote der Fuehrer's Face (Oliver Wallace, Ralph Parker)
  • Keeping Fit (Carl Johnson)
  • Report to Bowlers in the Services (Ralph R. ???)
  • Mexico
  • Them Gremlins at Disney's? (Jim Bodrero)
  • Saludos Amigos
  • Disney Goes Into Action (???)
  • Disney and the Aircraft Industry (A.J. Barry, jr.)
  • Insignia


Dispatch From Disney’s
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