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Economic Potential for Resort Development at Mineral King
Harrison Price Company
Introduction The U. S. Forest Service has requested private investors to submit development plans and supporting data in competitive bidding for developing Mineral King as a year-round recreation area. Walt Disney Productions, expressing a continuing interest through Mr. Disney in the potential of Mineral King, asked Economics Research Associates to determine demand for various types of recreational uses at Mineral King and to present economic criteria for physical planning of the proposed development. This report sets forth the results of the research. In addition, the study suggests an appropriate methodology for establishing lease payments to the Forest Service for use of government land. The conclusions of the research are summarized in the text of this report. In Section I, data on population, projected demand for all types of recreation in California, and demand for use of Forest Service land by vacationers and tourists in California are presented. Winter sports demand and existing ski areas in California are discussed in Section II. Sections III, IV, and V present estimates of the number of visitors, per capita and total expenditures, and facilities required at Mineral King. Section VI analyses alternative methods at calculating lease payments to the Forest Service, and outlines criteria to be developed in the proposed lease offer for Mineral King. The study was conducted under the administrative supervision of Harrison A. Price, President of Economics Research Associates. Fred J. Cochrane and Robert B. Rich performed the research. Economies Research Associates expresses its thanks to the representatives of the U. S. Forest Service and other public and private agencies for their cooperation in providing statistical and qualitative data used in this analysis. [...]





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