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Introducing Technirama 70

Promotional brochure for the Technirama system

Includes a reprint of an appreciation letter from Walt Disney to Herbert Kalmus and his reply.

Contains also a 'Sleeping Beauty' double-page spread.

congratulates Walt Disney Productions
on being the FIRST to use the magnificent new
for their production of
Walt Disney's
Sleeping Beauty


What is Technirama?

It is a complete system for photographing and processing of color negative, and for manufacturing of large screen release prints

TECHNIRAMA brings unsurpassed beauty and clarity to the theater screen in either the standard or 70mm process. TECHNIRAMA gives the producer and the exhibitor a system which produces an image remarkably free of distortion, flare and light losses. No additional special equipment is required in theaters already equipped for large screen projection.*

The world-wide service of Technicolor and versatility of TECHNIRAMA offer the producer maximum quality and economy. TECHNIRAMA embodies in one negative everything necessary to provide the highest quality release prints for every type of theater. The producer's problem of deciding which process to use to give his film the maximum earning power is thus solved.

*From the original TECHNIRAMA negative, release prints of any size or type can also be made without the time and expense of first making internegatives.


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