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Walt Disney on Mineral King project

[Question] [asks about plans for Mineral King area]

[Walt Disney] Well it's a beautiful area and it's so far it's untouched and our plan is to try to keep it that way yet to make it available for the people that want to come up and and spend some time up in there in the mountains.

[Question] Will there be year round attractions?

[WD] Yes, oh yes. I think the summer time will be the big time you see. In wintertime the families are not as available. It's a family thing.

[Question] Would there be the a traditional Disney touch up there?

[WD] No, no. It's not going to be an amusement park or anything like that. No - I've been interested in skiing a long time. I started at Badger Pass years ago. In fact I was the first stock holder in Sugar Bowl.
Do you know where Sugar Bowl is up there?

[Reporter] Yes, yes.

[WD] And we put the first chairlift in there. That was back in the thirties.

[Question] You still ski?

[WD] Well, I was the director of the pageantry of the Winter Olympics you know. I got out there on the bunny hill but I was really too busy to get […]

Comment by David Lesjak via Facebook: That interview was done on October 11, 1965. Walt was at the Asilomar State Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove as a guest of the California State Park Rangers Association. The association was going to honor Walt with an Honorary Lifetime Membership Award. Walt was being recognized for his role in supporting California Proposition 1, which advocated for the state sale of $150 million in bonds to be used to acquire and develop land for recreational purposes. Walt had served on the executive board of Californians for Beaches and Parks. Disney had staff produce a 13-minute film for the group in support of the initiative, which coincidentally, passed. […]





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