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Wilfred Jackson interview
Michael Barrier, Milton Gray
Milt Gray and [Michael Barrier] recorded this interview with the great Disney cartoon director Wilfred Jackson at his home on Balboa Island, California, on November 5, 1976 [...]. This Jackson interview was [...] very much a followup interview, a supplement to the much longer and wider-ranging interview that Milt and [Michael Barrier] (and Bob Clampett) conducted in 1973 [...]. The 1976 interview is more of a nuts-and-bolts interview than the earlier one, concerned a little more with the day-to-day work of making cartoons, a little less with Walt Disney himself (although Walt is always present in some way), and not at all with chronology. [...] By the time [Michael Barrier] sent him this transcript, late in 1977, Jackson and [Michael Barrier] had been corresponding frequently for several years; he was in his letters as in his interviews exceptionally careful and thorough. True to his habits as a director, he preferred letters to interviews, because of the time they permitted for second thoughts and revisions. He found interviews stressful, too, and thus a threat to his fragile health, and he begged off sitting for an interview with Milt Gray in 1977. Although [Michael Barrier] visited him again at his home on Balboa Island, there were no more interviews. [...]


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